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The Central European Zador Europe Ltd. is the manufacturer of the triple-milled premium quality
ZADOR fine bars. The company is well established for producing high-quality premium soap bars
with a content of natural ingredients over 98% to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin. Some of the
key ingredients of the products are Shea butter, vitamin E and most importantly the award-winning
thermal water from the heart of Hungary. All the soap bars are individually hand wrapped.All the products are manufactured in the EU with extreme attention to each detail; hence even the
packaging was designed by award-winning designers. All the products provide a luxurious feeling to
the user, from the packaging through their divine scent to the active ingredients to moisturise the
skin. The perfume content of the products is imported from an exclusive Spanish perfume store.
All of the ZADOR products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, silicones, sulphates, artificial
preservatives and artificial colorants. These products were never tested on animals. The ZADOR
products are not only cruelty free but vegan, as well

We are producing high quality premium soap products for 10 years. After our capacity reached a
significant level, we were able to extend our product range to international markets. The ZADOR
brand established in 2014.
Our manufactory located in HU-8245 Pécsely, Fő utca 117. Number of employees: 10
We sell into 10 countries: Austria, Australia, France, Germany, Hungary, USA, Canada, Turkey, Republic
of Korea, United Kingdom.
Our last exhibitions: Dubai - Beautyworld Middle-East, Moscow - InterCharm, Bologna - Beauty


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